Does Grove of the Golden Phoenix offer classes?

~ We are no longer accepting students at this time ~

As part of our tradition, we open our doors to those who seek to learn more about Wicca once every couple of years. We are a private, small group that enjoys the support and spiritual dimensions one can only reach in such an atmosphere. All classes are in-person and not online. Candidates are interviewed and selected to attend our 13-week - Pagan level class. You will participate in regular classes and a few Sabbats and Esbat rituals during this period. It is a beautiful introduction to the Pagan way and a means for everyone in the Grove to get to know each other.


Upon completing the Pagan class, you will be offered a Pagan Dedication. At that point, you are not obligated to join our Grove, nor does this ceremony guarantee acceptance into our Grove. After many within the tradition look through the applications submitted, it will be decided whether to admit you to further studies. Advanced studies progress through three levels of initiation to the priesthood.

Location: We are currently located in Kennesaw, GA, and the classes are taught at the Covenstead. We have five feline members, so if you are allergic to cats, take any allergy medication that will help, as they roam around just as we do in their daily lives. 

Cost: We are now open for enrollment for the 2024 calendar year! We are offering our complete 6-month course at a discounted rate of $399 until March 01, 2023. After March 02, we will resume our standard pricing of $800 for the 6-month course. A payment plan is available for $150 per month.   Please note that we do not accept any payments until after we have reviewed your application and have conducted an in-person interview at a neutral location in the Kennesaw area near where the classes will be held.

Refund Policy: We rely on tuition payments to teach our program, buy all of the requisite supplies and provide you with student materials. Therefore we do not give refunds for any reason. If you cannot attend the course - we will allow you to participate the next time we offer a Seeker's course.  

Classes: Classes will be held most Sundays from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at the Covenstead. Sabbats and Esbats will be held at the closest astrological date or Saturday, which could be at any time during the week at the peak of the energy of astrological time. 

To inquire about an application, fill out the form in the Contact Us tab, or send an email to [email protected].